Abilities – PianoTweet 470 (Faziolian Summer Series no.5)

Some moments I get the feeling that
I have the abilities to reach into the Skies.

Everything is clear:
the moment has come
I understand the basics of All.

Then some moments occur that
this feeling has vanished completely.
My abilities only seem to touch
some lower Clouds.

I have to learn and get used to
those moments and these moments,
shifting all the way.

the Skies always will be
and so will the lower Clouds.

And abilities make no sense anymore.

Abilities – PianoTweet 470 (Faziolian Summer Series, no.5)

What I dream – PianoTweet 469 (Faziolian Summer Series no.4)

What I dream is about
travelling in houses and buildings,
searching for some of my stuff,
hiding for attacks and
free as a bird.

It matters to travel,
it’s about learning and observing.

To search for my things makes me
conscious of my materialism.

Hiding for attacks
means to me that we need peace,
everywhere and for everyone.

To fly is the most happy feeling
I ever experienced.
It’s the ultimate freedom.

What I dream – PianoTweet 469 (Faziolian Summer Series no.4)

Summer Tree – PianoTweet 468 (Faziolian Summer Series no.3)

Laying on my back,
under a tree
heavily filled with leaves.

Patiently moved by the wind
every leaf tells about its own life.
Tied to the tree
with all liberty to move.

With sunlight pouring over all colors
creating an eternal change of light.

Both the tree and the leaves,
they make me think of
eternal movements of life –
giving life to life.

Summer Tree – PianoTweet 468 (Faziolian Summer Series no.3)

Words – PianoTweet 467 (Faziolian Summer Series no.2)

What do you say?
What do you mean?

Just some questions with a few answers.
Words are a small part in our consciousness.

Our Intuition appears to be so much bigger, by far.

In deep silence we know what to do.
And we can let our Inner World talk.

Words in our subconsciousness…
They really know the truth.

Words – PianoTweet 467

Introducing Fazioli – PianoTweet 466 (Faziolian Summer Series no.1)

I had the great opportunity
to record some pieces on
a Fazioli Grandpiano.

Fazioli is a famous instrument for pianists.
It has a very particular sound
and an amazing touch.

This PianoTweet is the first one in a row of pieces
played on that special instrument…

Enjoy the beauty of the sound!

Introducing Fazioli – PianoTweet 466 (Faziolian Summer Series no.1)

Fazioli Grandpiano

End of Series – PianoTweet 465 (F sharp minor Series no. 15)

That’s what Series are.
To make place for new Series.

Today’s PianoTweet is the last one in this F sharp minor Series.

Next PianoTweet will be the start of a new one,
a very special Series.
Which will be as temporarily as well.

Like everything is temporarily.
Like this life we lead:
that has to make place and
give space to a new Life.

Every note, every rest in music
appears to be a life on its own.
And gives space and breath to every following note…

End of Series – PianoTweet 465 (F sharp minor Series, no.15)

About – PianoTweet 464 (F sharp minor Series, no.14)

Believe me.

I really do not know what this music is about.
It’s an improvisation, a tryout, a search.
And already when playing,
I had no idea where these notes came from.

They simply appeared,
directing my fingers and both my hands.

One could call it a mystery, a problem or a challenge.

There’s so much we do not know anything about.
The best thing to do is
to let it happen and
to let go.

About – PianoTweet 464