Old Soul speaking – PianoTweet #90

A few times in my life
I meet People
who I understand immediately.
At the same time
they understand me immediately.
In a split millisecond.

An understanding that’s far beyond.

It’s like feeling home,
no words are needed.

A conversation
that is unseen by my eyes,
that is unheard by my ears,
that is unnoticed by my skin.

I believe it must be an Old Soul
that’s talking to My Soul.

Old Soul speaking – PianoTweet 90 (iPhone link)

Fluttering is learning how to Fly – PianoTweet #89

Today my family has a short but important meeting.

Like in every family, it’s the same in our family: “Something is going on”.
The Art to listen and to communicate in a peaceful and adequate way
is a process that can last a lifetime…

This upcoming meeting inspired me for this PianoTweet.

I saw a movie in my imagination.
a movie that shows young baby birds
growing up and learning to fly.
Fluttering with their unexperienced little wings,
exercising until they really can fly into freedom.

It’s effort in learning, an irregular movement.
Sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn’t…

Fluttering is learning how to Fly – PianoTweet #89 (iPhone link)

Heart and Breath – PianoTweet #88

When you listen carefully to this music,
you’ll hear that every note is repeated in the background.

Musicians and sound engineers know this effect as an “echo”.
So the second one of each note was not played in reality:
it’s repeated electronically.

The association:
Two most important sources of life.
Our heartbeat and our breathing:
they are connected together.
Engines of life, of existence, energy and movement.

Heart and Breath – PianoTweet #88 (iPhone link)

88 keys minus 1 – PianoTweet #87

This PianoTweet is a joke.

Lately I had to make some adjustments on the keyboard mechanics.
Together with my good friend Ton I took out the grandpiano’s keyboard.
We did the adjustments and then we had to replace the keyboard back into the grandpiano’s case.

And then something went wrong.
I pushed a bit too strong and the hammer of a key broke…

It was a kind of a shock,
but I was lucky in a way.

It was the hammer of the highest key that broke.
A key that’s used very rarely.

So, when listening this short piece of 88 notes,
you’ll notice the highest note sounding a bit strange…! 😉

Listen, Smile and Enjoy!

88 Keys minus 1 – PianoTweet 87 (iPhone link)

RFM – PianoTweet #86

What’s this?
What does it mean, the abbreviation RFM?

I know REM: Rapid Eye Movement
I know RAM: Random Access Memory
I know ROM: Read Only Memory
I know RUM: That’s a very nice, exotic drink
I know RTFM: Read the fucking Manual
And I know FM; Frequency Modulation

But I’m a civilized person, so my abbreviation is harmless.

What do you think it means?
Write an answer to pianotweets@gmail.com, including your explanation 🙂


RFM – PianoTweet #86 (iPhone link)

A Fly on your Skin – PianoTweet #85

Today’s PianoTweet is a recommendation.

A little while ago I ordered some postcards.
In fact these postcards are photos taken by
Naomi, a photographer and artist.

What you see on the pictures are close ups of insects.
A fly, a grasshopper, dragonflies and more:
sitting on the photographers skin.

What you see is a breathtaking close view on nature.
The insects so fragile and so present at the same time,
with their tiny wings and transparent bodies, so beautiful.

Very inspiring images for me as a musician.

Take a look at Naomi’s site for the pictures; where they can be ordered as well.
the Green Dream Project by Naomi Reijnders

And here’s the music…

A Fly on your Skin – PianoTweet 85 (iPhone link)

PianoTweets postings & known e-mail bugs

To all email subscribers on Pianotweets

Dear Members,

It happens more than once that the same PianoTweet posting arrives two times in your mail inbox, or even three times.
At first I want to apologise for the inconvenience.

I contacted WordPress Support about this problem.
They know about the bug and their team is working on a solution.

So if you receive more than one posting of the same PianoTweet (see title!),
you can delete them all until one posting remains.
They’re all the same…

Have some patience, please!
There are always people behind every web project 🙂

With kindest regards,

Joost Brands
composer/pianist of PianoTweets.