Anniversary – PianoTweet 460 (F sharp minor Series, no. 10)

Today’s PianoTweet is dedicated to my dear friend Marja.

She’s a jubilee from July the 8th 2011.
She then started to write her blog.
And after a while after that start
she became my creative partner.

We invented, put together, composed, wrote and performed!

She works and works:
meanwhile she’s discovering and developing her talents:
writing, blogging, quoting, meeting people and singing…

Since yesterday she wants to learn how to play the piano!
Just after touching one or two keys.

Let me recommend her work.
She deserves it.
I admire it.

Read her (Dutch) writings at

Or maybe you like to follow her on Twitter:

Here’s the music for Marja’s Creative Anniversary!

Anniversary – PianoTweet 460