Music from a Young Past – PianoTweet 439

This is an improvisation played in 2009.

Because of the freedom I have inside
the whole PianoTweets Project,
I like to let you hear music from some years ago.

Played in the year after I bought my beloved instrument,
this dreamy improvisation is still alive.

And believe me:
the Cd this music was stored on,
already has problems to play back its content!

So, enjoy some “old school” music! 🙂

Music from a Young Past – PianoTweet 439

Struggle – PianoTweet 438

What do you think about me, producing the PianoTweets?
What do you think of people expressing themselves?
What do you think of composers, painters, artists in general, creating their creations?

Let me inform you:
it can be a struggle, a great struggle.
Days, months, even years.

Besides the highlighted mind at times:
there’s a lot to maintain, to do and to discover.

A struggle is just one aspect of all the other aspects,
needed to reach out for a another new creation.
Wishing at the same time to be satisfied by a result.

Struggle – PianoTweet 438

Little Thing – PianoTweet 436

To me this PianoTweet seems
one of the most simple and easy of all times.
At least for me personally.

Played in my favorite keys: F sharp minor.
It’s about one of the most significant matters in my life.

Let me share with you my thoughts through a metaphor

About the smallest, visible living creatures on this planet:
It occurs many times I’m a kind of afraid
of making my steps and walk.
Because almost every step might kill one of those insects.

At the same time insects probably are
the most powerful, organised and mysterious creatures.

Why should I fear Little Things?

Little Thing – PianoTweet 436

The Waves and the Fish – PianoTweet 434

One particular afternoon during the holidays last week,
I sat beside the sea,
watching the wind
creating endless shapes of waves.

Then a fisherman in his little boat arrived.
Right in front of me.

In a basket that he took out of his boat
I noticed a fish’s tale.
Two beautiful sharp points
completing a wonderful tale.

The fish won’t flow anymore by the wind and by its tale,
he will not be a part of the creations of the waves.
The fisherman caught him, took him out of the water.
The waves will not be touched by his tale any longer.

The Waves and the Fish – PianoTweet 434

Holiday for PianoTweets – PianoTweet 433

I am going to enjoy a holiday.

So the piano will be silent for over a week.

For that reason I offer you
meditative music.
For you, to enjoy for at least a full week.
Or maybe much more.
It’s up to you.

A new PianoTweet will be published on May 21st.

In the meantime, listen carefully to this part of the Project.

Holiday for PianoTweets – PianoTweet 433