Romantic Reflection – PianoTweet #31

There are many days I could play all day long like this.
Romantic moods, just dreaming away of everything that’s worth dreaming about.

Maybe you, dear listener, noticed that the PianoTweets’s music is about dreaming – more than once.
That’s because I’m very much aware of the power of dreaming.

The lessons in our dreams, either at night, or during the day come from dreams.
Just have an open and receiving mind.
Your unconsciousness is the Master of your Dreams.

Just create your own dream when hearing this PianoTweet.
And Enjoy!

Romantic Reflection – PianoTweet #31 (iPhone link)

A Tear for Democracy – PianoTweet #30

For us all.
We know about it.

These days a turn-around, a revolution is going on in Northern Africa.
People want their freedom of speech, their freedom of choice.
Being the director of their lives themselves.
Like me: I want the same.

The Lack of Democracy often causes large movements, like now.

My Tear for Democracy lasts only 34 seconds.
But it’s a large one.
For a large movement, for a great feeling and a deep change.

A Tear for Democracy – PianoTweet #30 (iPhone link)

My Rhythm, part 1 – PianoTweet #29 (140 notes, 5 min. 27 secs)

The original work “My Rhythm”
is a very
piece of piano music.

Today it’s the 1st month’s Anniversary of PianoTweets.
I felt the need to repeat this piece,
to present it to many new and enthousiastic followers.

It’s like a dream,
like an endless story,
there’s no point of return.
I don’t mind.
It made me happy to play it,
it makes me happy to listen at it.
It’s a statement.

This is
My Most Important Work.

It opened up my mind.
It reflected the start of
a new process in me.

Take a break for 5 and a half minutes.
Close your eyes
Enjoy My Rhythm with me!

My Rhythm, part 1 – PianoTweet #29 (iPhone link)

Way to Go – PianoTweet #28

One of my dearest friends lately sent me a message,
maybe the next day after I started this project PianoTweets, the 1st of January.

She wrote (yes, it’s a SHE): “Wow!”
A little while after that a second message arrived: “Way to Go!”.

At first I didn’t understand the meaning of that expression.
I thought: “Ow, help, that means there’s an awful lot to do, I’m not gonna make it, it’s gonna be a heavy job…!”.
Well, I must admit, in some way she was a little bit right. There’s a lot to do 🙂

But that is NOT what she meant, it’s not what the expression means.
She meant to say: “Ok! There’s a great and beautiful way to go! This is a huge chance!”.

And that’s what it is.
Realizing this project isn’t an easy job, but it’s the most free, joyful and satisfying thing I ever invented to do.

And I’m happy with the growing number of fans of this project: they all listen and reflect and react and support.
To you ALL I want to write this: @PianoTweets is WAY to GO!

Playing this piece (in E flat major, but the notes only touch that chord at the end…) I felt this energy, this “push” to go on and on.
The open chords combined in a fast sequence illustrate the rolling power that’s beyond…

Enjoy this Way to Go @PianoTweets!

Way to Go – PianoTweet #28 (iPhone link)

Waiting for the Spring – PianoTweet #27

It makes me mad!
Those dark clouds, that rain, then frost again or some feet of beautiful white snow…

Some years ago I emigrated in november: for wheather’s sake.
And then it was there: Spring!
Man, was I a happy guy…
The only thing I forgot in some way, is nature’s law of the existing, shifting seasons – almost everywhere on this Globe.

I learned to enjoy and love all seasons, I don’t emigrate to hunt the Spring anymore.
Just wait for its Coming.

This piece makes harmonic shifts between F major and E minor, like a season shift, could we pressume.

Waiting for the Spring – PianoTweet #27 (iPhone link)

Pensieroso – PianoTweet #26

I’ll tell you a part of my thoughts: being thoughtful – “pensieroso”…
The reason to name this track in Italian is simple. I lived there for almost three years. It was very moving and impressive.

Probably, Italian is the most beautiful language in the world. Italy probably is the most beautiful country in Europe. So they say.
It’s a complicated country. People aren’t simple over there. They are beautiful, like all people. They are difficult, too.

While composing this piece, my thoughts were in Italy. And thoughts give appearance, give “body” to feelings. Or is it the opposite way?

Probably, you, my listeners are gonna hear more of my musical thoughts in Italian, here at PianoTweets.

There’s melancholy, theatre, optimism, passion, anger, frustration, adoration, joy, history, music.
Thoughts are like human beings. Reflective. Constructive. Creative.
You name it. I played it.

Enjoy this thinking track of @PianoTweets!

Pensieroso – PianoTweet #26 (iPhone link)

Free Distortion – PianoTweet #25 (139 notes, 53 secs)

This recording was made with a very free mind. I actually felt so free that the audio signal of the piano was recorded a little too loud.

It’s a nice analogy with real life.
With a free mind someone might cause distortion. But watt is distortion? (Ah, I see a distorted word over there…!)
Distortion (also) means a deformation of a pattern.

But sometimes it’s really healthy to get rid of a pattern.
A pattern can feel like a prison.
Me, like a Prisoner in disguise. Oh no…!
So go and distort – if you wanna feel free!

This distorted piece was written with the beauty of the harmonic patterns of B minor.

And now…
Enjoy, with a free mind, this track of @PianoTweets!

Free Distortion – PianoTweet #25 (iPhone link)