Our Climate: Prelude of a New Series – PianoTweet no. 615

After reading again an article about
our world’s climate and the dramatic changes of it,
I decided today to start a new series:
Our Climate.

It’s a subject that worries me,
that makes my heart tremble:
it started already many years ago.

From November 1st, and ongoing the whole month,
I will compose and publish music and texts inspired on this theme.

This PianoTweet illustrates my worried mind
about what’s probably the most important subject right now
in nowadays’ life of mankind.

Stay tuned!

Our Climate: Prelude of a New Series – PianoTweet no. 615


A Particular Memory – PianoTweet no. 614

I remember a very special period from the past.
I must have been about 5 years old, almost 6.

As a lively and joyful kid, full of sneaky jokes and creative enthusiasm,
I invented a lot of small troubles for my parents.

More than once they sent me up, to my room.
I had to stay there for some hours, keep my mouth shut and stay quiet.

This happened rather often, I must confess.
Probably too many times.
So, finally, my parents decided to skip my 6th birthday.

Exactly one year later, we all celebrated my 7th birthday with a big party.
I got so many toys and presents, you can’t imagine…
Never got more after that particular day.

What a joy; what a precious memory this is!

A Particular Memory – PianoTweet no. 614

Sleepless Nights – PianoTweet no. 612

Like many others,
there are times
I suffer from sleepless nights.

Thoughts come and go, ideas are growing,
emotions are circling around:
it’s all paralysing and keeps me awake.

One of the best methods I discovered
to get back to quietness:
take one or more deep breaths,
and let them “fall down” through the stomach.
Keep this going on for about 5 minutes.

It really works!

Sleepless Nights – PianoTweet no. 612