Project: part 2 – PianoTweet 411

In fact this PianoTweet is not really a part 2.
It’s a variation,
a different interpretation of the main message of the piece.

It would be nice if you listeners started an interactivity.
Opinions, visions, feelings.
Comparing this part with part 1.
(Notice this version is slower)

Make your comments:
in public, available to anyone.
Of course, you’re also free to comment in private by email.
But I prefer an open and free dialogue.

I’m searching, playing, listening.
Building a major piece.
Influenced by you: the audience.

The message of the piece is
a minimal, hypnotic and relaxing one.
To create a moment for ourselves,
alone with the sound of the piano.

Enjoy this “part 2”!

Project, part 2 – PianoTweet 411

Project: part 1 – PianoTweet 410

PianoTweets is a Project.
My life is a project.

How about your life?

This music is an insight for you,
my dear listeners,
in a long piece that I started
to create a few days ago.

In the upcoming period I wish to share
the creation of this major piece.

It’s very simple in its base:
a 4/4 counting piece,
very minimalistic.

But the changing accents
illustrate a shifting focus,
a view from different perspectives,
with all its complications and confusions
within all parts of the project.

That’s how Life is.


Project – PianoTweet 410

Faithful Friends – PianoTweet 407

Old friends, new friends.
Friends forever or for a certain period.

The repeating charactre of this music illustrates
the coming and going of friends.

Some friends stay close, others walk away for a while,
a bit further away.
But they come back.

I am one of my own friends.

Some always stay.
Some go forever but remain friends in the heart.
For a lifetime.

There are just a few that are friends from the first seconds I met them.
And I know they are faithful.

I am a friend myself.
I am myself’s friend.

Faithful Friends – PianoTweet 407

The Begin and the End of a Circle – PianoTweet 406

A Circle with a Begin and an End.

We’re used to live with a begin and an end.
At the same time we’re used to circles.

All things that “are” have a begin and an end.
It starts to live and it dies.
And then it lives again,
probably with another exposure and appearance.

A circle has everything in itself to begin and to end.
Every spot on a the circle’s line represents both at the same time.

Last weekend I had a strong experience
about living in a Circle.
Leaving an end on a circle’s spot means to enter a new begin.

The Beginning and the End of a Circle – PianoTweet 406