PianoTweet 500 – The Project: Final Part

Today I celebrate PianoTweet 500.

A huge personal milestone.
A deciding point of no return.

The Project of PianoTweets lasted for
one year and nine months.

PianoTweets are taking
a break for a while.

The name,
the feeling,
the passion,
the atmosphere,
the creativity
will stay.

Only the formula will be different for a while.

The Project:
a final part that will never end.

Enjoy this longest PianoTweet ever.
And stay tuned!

PianoTweet 500

Daily Life – PianoTweet 499

Daily Life.
A word that suggests something regular,
sometimes interesting, sometimes boring,
sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy.

Daily Life
also contains changes,
developing another life,
new choices.

My daily life is up to change.
It’s open, it’s ready to new inputs and outputs.

All PianoTweets are part of My daily life.
And for others too.
After one year and almost 9 months this daily life will change.

Therefore PianoTweets in its normal form will change.
After PianoTweet no. 500 – which will be published on September 27th
there will be no new compositions for a while.

Earlier PianoTweets will be repeated instead
since there’s a huge archive to choose from.

A daily life and a steady rhythm will change somehow.
There will be other priorities.
There will be new developments.

Stay tuned and enjoy this Original recording!

Daily Life – PianoTweet 499

Light Years – PianoTweets 497

After a birthday,
half a lifetime around.

Looking back into the previous past.
Dreaming about possible further futures.

Half a lifetime
filled with lots of content.
Half a lifetime
feel like an almost hollow blow.

Like the Universe’s Light Years
flashing and running,
one after the other,
in a split of a second,
or billions of human years,
far beyond
any possible human consciousness.

Knowing this
makes me grateful
to learn about life,
during a precious lifetime:
a type of years,
invented by mankind.

Light Years – PianoTweets 497

Essentials (“Project, part 5”) – PianoTweet 496

Some situations in life
ask for
moments of fixation and observation.
Moments including crossroads.

of my reactions
on those particular situations
are essential.

Meaning that the situation itself
might be less important
than the reaction on the situation.

During these observations,
I feel an irresistable need
to listen to this music.

Because it cleans up.
And returns to the Essentials of
my existence.

Essentials (“Project, part 5”) – PianoTweet 496

Confidence – PianoTweet 495

When autumn is about to start,
when the sun sets earlier than the day before,
when words are noisy and
hearts might ache,
it’s time for Confidence to appear.

To enlighten a foggy path,
a darker day,
a heavy feeling.

Time for Confidence to assist.

With breathing consciousness,
peaceful empathy and
a clean atmosphere.
Confidence and faith
in a healing future.

Confidence – PianoTweet 495