Village Girl – PianoTweet 424

Some village girls mean a lot to me.

One can learn a lot from a village girl.
They got serenity and power.
They feel close to nature,
its beauty and appearance.

One might judge them as being simple.
On the contrary:
very often they have a strong connection
to high spiritual values.

Listen carefully and
discover the melody of the Village Girl
in the details.

Village Girl – PianoTweet 424

A Simple Desire – PianoTweet 423

Just a few words,
a little bit of warmth and love,
some attention,
an extra sunbeam,
a candlelight that burns wishes for me,
a moment of rest and peace.

Don’t we all have our simple desires?
These healing desires
bringing us the sense
why we live and
why we are here.

It all starts
small and simple,
like an humble and tiny breath.

A Simple Desire – PianoTweet 423

So much to Tell you – PianoTweet 421

Full of fantasy, ideas, images.
With some deep experiences in this life.
Lively and positive.
With a strong belief in
the extraordinary life,
the extraterrestrial.

Realizing the limits of the human being and
it’s very present arrogance at the same time.
As if pressuming a confidence that
humans are the centre of the universe.

Realizing the importance of every smallest part
that’s acknowledged as being a part.
With a deep respect for all these parts.
Every particle, every atom has an eternal life.

Like every star, every lighting point
in the skies at night, representing all of us.
Like every sunbeam
the sun throws on our faces.

Some people know me.
There are a few persons I know
that understand these lines.
They know I always want to tell about it.

So much to Tell you – PianoTweet 421