Repeat – PianoTweet no. 525

There’s a blackbird
very close to my window.
Every morning, afternoon and evening
he’s there in his tree and talks and sings.
Until he finally goes to sleep.

He has a message: constantly, repeatedly, relentlessly.
Maybe he’s eager about his territory.
Or he’s protecting his house every second.
Or maybe he can’t find a sweet partner to share his life with.

He keeps singing and talking all day long,
repeating his message on and on.
I can’t understand what he means, what he wants.

Here’s a lesson in it for me.

Like the blackbird,
so many humans are calling and singing and repeating their messages.
And often we can’t understand it.

The only thing we can do is to listen,
repeatedly, constantly, relentlessly
and with a lot of Patience.

Repeat – PianoTweet 525

The Dove’s Sound – PianoTweet no. 522

Nearby a window of my house there’s a dove.
Almost every day it’s there.
And it sings, makes sounds.
This sound gives me, thanks to my ears,
a very special sensation.

It’s a peaceful and meditative sound
with almost fixed notes and steady rhythm.
Probably you all know the sound a dove “produces”.

I tried to simulate it on my piano.
The rhythm contains three tones:
short – long – short.

The second note, the long one, always bends down a little.
This, however, wasn’t possible to reproduce on my instrument.

Anyway: enjoy this musical trial
to transport the peace and the serenity
of the Dove’s Sound.

The Dove’s Sound – PianoTweet no. 522

photo: Ramsey van der Molen

Turkse Tortel