New Followers..!

So surprised by these wonderful and cute animals, following my footsteps, accompanying me with the music in my head.

Music in this PianoTweetMovie: “Waiting For The Spring”, from the PianoTweets Archive (January 27th, 2011).


Slow Starter – PianoTweet no. 714

Happy 2016 to you all!

A New Year, a new PianoTweet.
After a half year’s pause, I decided to give this project a restart.

The pause was meant to search for new energy and inspiration
how to continue this challenging way of inventing new piano pieces.
A rather unique way of playing and improvising,
every piece composed very shortly before publishing.

The past period, lasting half a year,
I experienced a musical, creative depression and reflection.

I hope to recover from a rather profound mental “dip”
and find a way out;
facing and creating new ideas and themes
and communicate through my piano music,
accompanied by short explaining texts.

I am not sure how regular new PianoTweets will be published.

Let me start slowly with this one.
Stay tuned how the PianoTweets project will develop in the future…

Slow Starter – PianoTweet no. 714


CHANGES at PIANOTWEETS – PianoTweet no. 713

After more than 4 and a half years steady publishing
of composed pieces and improvisations
(at first daily, later on every odd day),
time has come to
Changes of PianoTweets’ formula.

In the near future I will focus more on
writing and playing longer pieces,
performing concerts, publishing sheet music
and other possible forms and ideas
to continue this challenging project.

However, dear listeners,
I will not leave you without
the well known regular new PianoTweets,
always inspired on small and big themes in Life.

From now on I’ll offer you
one brand new PianoTweet
once a week.
Probably it will be published on saturdays.

So you still can look forward to
piano music during your weekends.
Which can be played at any desired moment, of course.

And feel free to comment and reflect, as always.


CHANGES at PIANOTWEETS – PianoTweet no. 713