My Playground – PianoTweet no. 148 (replay)

(text written on May 28th, 2011)

I like improvising, trying, searching.
And I like chords.
Jumping from one chord to another,
in a rather unexpected sequence.
And I like sequencing single notes.
I want to play.

And if someone calls me or talks to me,
I don’t wanna listen but
go on and play.
Moving my fingers, my hands, my wrists.
No, I do not like to leave my piano.

But sometimes I have to go and
do other things that seem important.
But I just wanna play.
I like to play.
Nothing more and nothing less.
Wanna hear how I play…?

My Playground – PianoTweet 148

Crossroads – PianoTweet no. 147 (replay)

(text written on May 27th, 2011)

I do not really know why I chose this title to this music.
It fits, that’s for sure.
I felt that “state of mind” right before I started to play this…

A crossroad can create moments of real awareness and consciousness.

We have to choose what direction we want to go.

For ourselves individually, of course.
But – probably even more important –
where do we want to go all together?
Does it make sense to live “normally”, on and on?

The secret is (according my honest opinion) that
every choice we make for our own sake,
creates consequences for us all together.

So, when a crossroad approaches,
let’s take care and live in a conscious way…

Crossroads – PianoTweet 147

An Unusual Rose – PianoTweet no. 146 (replay)

(text written on May 26th, 2011)

Dear listeners and followers!

I send you a postcard.
A postcard from far away,
from a Past that’s long ago…

The idylle of the sweet waves and bulbs,
bearing this beautiful Rose as a present;
giving back the Rose.
An unusual Way of giving a Rose.

Rose and Waves

. . . . . .

What caused the Rose to be cut?
Who cut it? And why?
Why did it land into the waves of water?
Who threw it into the waves?

While looking for answers to these questions,
we are used to create our own stories about the Past.
And thus change and pressume a Truth about what could have happened.

Here’s a lesson to be learned:
We create our own stories about the Past
as if it is the Truth.
but at the same time we should realize
that it’s all about our point of view of the World
and that nothing is really True…

. . . . . .

The photography of this postcard was made by Linda van Hartingsveldt.
Linda is a warm online friend.
Special thanks to her for allowing me publish the picture she made.

Follow her on Twitter:

And here is the Extended PianoTweet I made,
inspired by this beautiful picture.

An Unusual Rose – PianoTweet 146

The Silence Inside – PianoTweet no. 145 (replay)

Every day I observe the World around me.
Numerous, countless impressions are present;
they all want my attention and enter into my Consciousness.

In case and if it appears to be too much
for my Consciousness,
I have this beautiful, medieval wooden door,
with ancient, heavy, dark iron locks.

I love this door.
It separates Me from the Outside
It protects me.

So I enter Me.

I close this door and
I know it’s there:
My Room.
It’s my Room:
where Silence rules.

The Silence Inside – PianoTweet 145

Water Drops – PianoTweet no. 144 (replay)

(text written on May 24th, 2011)


It has been raining…

Everything is wet…

Then our sun blinks, blowing some clouds away…

You look up at a tree…

What you see is…

the Water Drops rolling down from the leaves…

and falling down on the earth…

With a little splash…

they divide in hundreds of new drops…

Water Drops – PianoTweet 144

Very short Etude – PianoTweet no. 143 (replay)

(text written on May 23rd, 2011)

Many of you know what it is: an Etude.
The word “Etude” has its origin from the French verb “etudier”,
which means “to study”.
Rather often I play this exercise to wake up my fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders.

When I was a young boy, I hated “Etudes”.
I must have been lazy.
And sometimes I still am.

Yes, I had piano lessons for many years,
and in a way I enjoyed them.

But I thought studying and making music were
two different worlds
that had nothing in common.
I hadn’t yet discovered
what I discovered many, many years later…
The possibility to insert MUSIC into an Etude.

Enjoy this very short exercise!

Very short Etude – PianoTweet 143

Waltz in D minor – PianoTweet no. 142 (replay)

(text written on May 22nd, 2011)

There’s not much to write about this PianoTweet.

Maybe YOU want to write something about it?
Feel free to leave your comment!

Yesterday a dear friend sent me a message
about my temperament.
In this Waltz it’s all there…

Accompanied with D minor,
this beautiful key.

Thinking a small moment about keys,
I realize all keys are beautiful.

Waltz in D minor – PianoTweet 142