Month’s End – PianoTweet 273

September’s finished.
Another Month has passed.

Every day a new day goes and goes on.
and finally becomes a day in the past.

What did we do with this day?
With a week,
a whole month?
To live, to grow, to get wise?

What’s the goal,
what’s the dream?

Look ahead and be aware
how precious they are:
the day, the week, the month.

Month’s End – PianoTweet 273

Weird Exercise – PianoTweet 271

Some days ago I did some exercises for the PianoTweets Concert.
Working on a past PianoTweet called “Circling Data Event”.
Listen here how it was, the Original.

It’s a theme containing endless variations.
I must exercise more and more.

Because the second PianoTweet Concert is coming up…
Soon the announcement will be made.
Yes, I know when.

It’s a surprise.

Meanwhile I keep exercising.

Weird Exercise – PianoTweet 271

Colorful Painting – PianoTweet 270

I saw a very beautiful painting.

The painting showed a group of souls reaching out for a star.
A small and fragile group of persons.
These persons raised their arms and hands, as if they wanted to touch the star.

The painting really touched me because of the message that was hidden in it.
Don’t we all want to touch the Stars?

I must apologise that I can’t show this picture right now.
Stay tuned, soon a sample will be available here.

Colorful Painting – PianoTweet 270

Monday Chill – PianoTweet 269

Yesterday it happened.
PianoTweets 1st Live Concert!

We, that’s Deborah, Marja and me,
we enjoyed the birth of our first public cooperation.
Expressed ourselves through our own disciplines;
it felt so great to share our creativity!

The audience loved it,
got touched in their emotion and
understood the meaning of it all.

(click here for some pictures of our rehearsals and performance)

Today is a relaxing and reflecting day.
A silent day is coming up.

So new plans and ideas will grow and take their space,
as well as the past day flows further away as a beautiful memory.

Enjoy this PianoTweet!

Monday Chill – PianoTweet 269

Concentration – PianoTweet 268

Today I’ll be concentrated and very focussed.
Because of the 1st PianoTweets Concert Ever!

Listen to the notes in this PianoTweet, how clustered together they are…

The concert is played on piano – of course –
Deborah and Marja join me and perform with spoken words.
Poems, stories, quotes and oneliners.
They really are great personalities.

I say to the 3 of Us:
Good Luck!

Concentration – PianoTweet 268

Fast Neutrino – PianoTweet 267

What’s faster than Light?
Is it the Neutrino?
Is it my Thought?
Is it the Truth?

What’s Speed?
What’s Time?
What’s Quantum?

Where’s the start and the beginning of the Universe?

Everything seems  to be different than Before.
What’s Beyond all Doubts?

One thing is for sure:
this PianoTweet is Here and Now.

Fast Neutrino – PianoTweet 267