Seasons Shift – PianoTweet 486

An inspiring subject for a PianoTweet:
The Weather.

Autumn is coming up.
Summer is leaving space,
more and more,
little by little.

My feeling that another year has passed by
is much stronger now
than during the days around New Year.

Summer’s warmth and light are still here,
but slowly vanishing.
Changing positions and moods.
Making place for
dreamy colors, filtered light and foggy days.

The Autumn offers many reflecting moments.
it’s still and always possible
to create your own reflection time:
even during Seasons’ Shifts.

Seasons Shift – PianoTweet 486

Message Inside – PianoTweet 485

The most important theme of this period.
The theme that’s called: “The Project”.

Some more PianoTweets
with that title appeared.
They all contained a variation on this theme.

It’s a simple project.
I discovered the simplicity of this message.

A four count beat with varying accents.
The notes are to be replaced one by one;
and one after one.

Not more than just that.
Not less than just that.

There’s a message inside.
The message that preaches,
and insists to look inside.

Because inside,
that’s where
any solution is hidden.

And where it’s easy to find,
ready to grab, to pick up.

Message Inside – PianoTweet 485

XL PianoTweet – PianoTweet 483 (Faziolian Summer Series no.18)

And again a PianoTweets Series comes to an end.
At least a contemporary end.

Until another opportunity comes up
to record on the fabulous Fazioli grandpiano.

This Series’ last piece is a special one, a large one!

Again it’s a new version of an “older” composition.
Like yesterday’s PianoTweet.

The original theme of today’s PianoTweet can be heard here:
Experiment at Large
Published at June the 3rd, last year.

This one was a first variation of it:
Experiment at Large reprise

From next week on I’ll return to
my sweet, strong and faithful Stieff grandpiano.
I missed him in a way,
but I enjoyed the “Holidays on Fazioli”.

XL PianoTweet – PianoTweet 483 (Faziolian Summer Series no.18)

Flight – PianoTweet 482 (Faziolian Summer Series no.17)

This PianoTweet is another new variation on one of my favorite themes.
A theme I composed in the spring of 2003.

Through the years it’s become a musical metaphore of my flights in life.

My flight from country to country,
from job to job,
from life to life,
from one musical style to another musical style.

To fly is a way of life;
a way of moving myself through today’s life.
Away from something to something.
And towards again.

In my dreams I really do fly.
From one point to another.

It’s said that a person should not fly.
But somehow, flying makes me happy,
it releases me and
it creates a new perspective.

After a flight it’s so peaceful and immense to rest.

Flight – PianoTweet 482 (Faziolian Summer Series no.17)

Bonus – PianoTweet 481 (Faziolian Summer Series no.16)

Today is a bonus.
Every day is a new bonus.

A bonus is filled with hope.

A summer that really shows its true character.
A longer PianoTweet than usual.
A message that hides a beautiful truth inside.

A note searching for other notes
to be a part of complete harmony.

A life on our beautiful Earth.
A life which meaning is to “Be”, not to “Have”.
A fully understanding of what a bonus really is.

Bonus – PianoTweet 481 (Faziolian Summer Series no.16)

Seems so Easy – PianoTweet 480 (Faziolian Summer Series no.15)

How nice.
Such a simple melody.

At times life seems to be like this.
This simple.

But listen carefully
to the notes talking together,
the living space
they leave to each other.

The breath of the music.
The almost hidden emotions and meanings
that tell so much about what’s really behind
the simple melody that seems so easy.

Like a wheel.
It’s rounded.
Such a simple invention.

A small curve
outside the main curve.
A small deviation
shows another world.

Seems so Easy – PianoTweet 480 (Faziolian Summer Series no.15)