Left Handed Poem – Replay of PianoTweet no. 378

(text written on January 25th, 2012;
original, extended recording of the previously published short version)

I like to change perspectives.
Another angle of view gives another sensation,
new feelings, new thoughts, maybe even other behaviour.

For a pianist it’s always great to shift hands functions.

In many compositions the melody is played with the right hand,
while the accompaniment is cared for by the left hand.

When shifting these functions I feel as if
I discover new angles in listening,
feeling different perspectives.

Like an evolution,
experienced from all angles and perspectives.
It challenges the senses.

Left Handed Poem – Replay of PianoTweet no. 378

At The Border – PianoTweet no. 651

Some dear friends are almost leaving
this life here on earth.

When we meet these days,
we talk about how their lives have been,
how death will be approached,
and how the future might be,
either theirs or mine.

Afterwards, I think about the borders
between life and death.
There might be a border.

What happens there?
What do we meet,who do we meet?
Do we meet someone at all?
Can we hear around, look around?
Feel something?
We don’t know…

The only fact we know:
it’s a one way travel.

Here’s my opinion:
it’s not important at all
to know what’s on the other side of the border.
It’s important to realize that
– at either sides of this border –
nothing can be compared:
until we have passed that border.

At The Border – PianoTweet no. 651

Good Old Neighbour – PianoTweet no. 650

Yesterday my good old neighbour told me
he will soon leave this life.

He still walks around and talks a lot,
at the same time he feels that the end is near,
that his body doesn’t have sufficient power left,
that it doesn’t “work” in the right way anymore.

I felt sad, but honoured,
with a great respect for him,
sharing this intimate message with me.

Good Old Neighbour – PianoTweet no. 650