Finish Line – “The Final Touch” Series, no.24 – PianoTweet 365

Proudly presenting this Year’s last PianoTweet…

The first year of PianoTweets’ Life was a remarkable one.

It all started with “Prototype”, a recording of a last minute improvisation.
A recording that did not yet take place on the Grand piano in the studio.

Lots of compositions passed, a good deal of improvisations as well.
Some organisation and programming errors occured,
even a period during the summer there was sickness.
There was a PianoTweets Puzzle.
There were 3 Series:
The “B flat minor” Series,
the “Sono Dio” Series and
last but not least, following the 5th Circle:
the “The Final Touch” Series.

Every day it has been an inspiring and challenging goal to publish 365 PianoTweets daily.

I must admit it hasn’t been easy at all.
But, after all, a very satisfying experience.

The most significant effort was how to learn to open my creativity’s source.
After a while I recognized how to reach a point of concentration
from where I could get into contact with the Source.
Very often I had the feeling the Source tuned in from outside,
beyond my own will,
something I couldn’t get a grip on:
and I even did not want to get that grip.
Just to let it flow.

However, it happened: I opened my doors, I let it in and that Source feeded me, almost day after day.

Second point was how to realize all technical and programming stuff.
And there was a lot to do maintaining all contacts growing through the social media.

It is a Dream that came to life – day by day, step by step.

The Circle of Fifths, “The Final Touch” Series has come to an end today.
All 24 chords have been played.
And I will play them again, again and again.
Tomorrow a new Circle will start and open.

I have to go on.
An invisible power pushes me to look forward and to keep the goal alive:
give a musical moment of rest to the people I know –
either directly or either only by name or nickname through the social media.
Besides, it’s almost a therapy to myself.

The year of 2012 – starting tomorrow – will offer a PianoTweet every odd day.
That means every 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th day and so on.

For more details, please read the Newsletter “PianoTweets in 2012” (in Dutch & English).
Stay tuned and enjoy!

Finish Line – “The Final Touch” Series, no.24 – PianoTweet 365

Meditation for 2011 and 2012 – “The Final Touch” Series, no.23 – PianoTweet 364

The Frontier returns every year.

We reflect and look forward.
We want to change things, do things better,
live a better life, more healthy and conscious.

Like we wish every year.

Should 2012 really change anything?
Are we really going to save our World and Ourselves?
Are we really capable to take care, better than before?

We see numerous signs and notifications that
we really MUST change:
to stay alive and to keep our World, our Planet safe.

Meditation for 2011 and 2012 – “The Final Touch” Series, no.23 – PianoTweet 364

Newsletter PianoTweets in 2012 (in Dutch & English)

Door to Freedom – “The Final Touch” Series, no.22 – PianoTweet 363

Although the New Year has not yet begun,
I already express one wish.
My most important wish and most important value:

I wish myself and everyone else Freedom.
Free from tyres that keep us strangled and paralyzed,
free from greed, egoïsm and selfishness.

Freedom of thinking, doing and speech.

Let’s open the door wide and enter into another way of living.
A Life dedicated to Freedom.

Door to Freedom – “The Final Touch” Series, no.22 – PianoTweet 363

Read the Newsletter “PianoTweets in 2012” (in Dutch & English)

Swan Song – “The Final Touch” Series, no.21 – PianoTweet 362

2011 has almost finished.
2011 almost says “Goodbye”.

A Swan Song is a song that’s sung before Death.
And Death is the portal to New Life.

Many of us are a kind of waiting for 2012.
2012 is pressumed to be a very special year.
2012 might be a very special year.
We’ll see.
At least it’s never the same as any other past year.

Waiting for 2012 means that 2011 will be forgotten step by step.

The Swan swims away
into our memories
and will be forgotten:
part by part,
day by day.

Swan Song for 2011 – “The Final Touch” Series, no.21 – PianoTweet 362

Read the Newsletter “PianoTweets in 2012” (in Dutch & English)

Nieuwsbrief-Newsletter: PianoTweets in 2012

PianoTweets in 2012.

(for English version, scroll down)

Dit jaar verandert er veel bij PianoTweets.


– Op alle oneven dagen kun je de bekende PianoTweet horen:
dus elke 1e, 3e, 5e, 7e, enzovoort van de maand.

Deze PianoTweet van maximaal 140 noten,
de “Sample”, blijft gratis en voor iedereen beschikbaar.


– Lange versies van de gratis “Samples” zijn vanaf 1 januari 2012
alleen beschikbaar voor abonnementhouders.

Er zijn 2 abonnementen:

> Het basis abonnement “Original“.
Daarvoor krijg je de hele maand alle lange versies van de “Samples”.
Prijs: € 3,99 per maand.

> Het luxe abonnement “Plus“.
Daarvoor krijg je ook de hele maand alle lange versies van de “Samples”,
plus het CD-Book

Elke maand een CD met alle lange PianoTweets van de afgelopen maand,
inclusief een boekje met foto’s en teksten.
Prijs: € 14,99 per maand.

> Als abonnee krijg je korting op alle PianoTweets Live Concerten!
Kijk in de webwinkel “PianoTweets PLUS”


PianoTweets Live Concerten

Beleef de muziek van PianoTweets Live op verschillende locaties.

Ik speel mijn muziek op de piano, afgewisseld door andere kunstvormen.
Bijvoorbeeld met extra musici, woordkunstenaars, schilders, misschien zelfs met dansers.
Verrassende combinaties die een PianoTweets Concert tot een heel bijzondere ervaring maken!



Als je thuis een piano hebt, kun je mij vragen om een concert te geven.
Gewoon bij jou in de huiskamer.
Als muzikale omlijsting van een feest, een receptie, een business meeting enz.

Dit kan óók op een door jou zelf gekozen locatie:
zolang er maar een piano of een vleugel aanwezig is.

Genoeg te beleven dus met PianoTweets in 2012!

Bezoek de webwinkel “PianoTweets PLUS”
voor het complete aanbod van PianoTweets.


(English version)

PianoTweets in 2012.

A lot of changes this year at PianoTweets.


All odd days you can hear the familiar PianoTweet:
so every 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc. of the month.

This PianoTweet at a maximum up to 140 notes,
the “Sample”, remains free and available to everyone.


As of January 1, 2012 long versions of the free “samples”
are available only to subscribers.

There are 2 subscriptions:

> The basic subscription “Original”.
You get all versions of the “Samples” during one month.
Price: € 3.99 per month.

> The deluxe subscription “Plus”.
You also get all the long versions of the “Samples” during one month
plus the CD-book:
Each month a CD with all long PianoTweets of the past month,
including a booklet with photos and texts.
Price: € 14.99 per month.

> As a subscriber you get a discount on all PianoTweets Live Concerts!
Take a look in the webshop “PianoTweets PLUS”


PianoTweets Live Concerts

Experience the music of PianoTweets live in different locations.

I play my music on the piano, interspersed with other art forms.
For example, with additional musicians, word artists, painters, perhaps even with dancers.
Surprising combinations which makes a PianoTweets concert a unique experience!


Living Room Concerts

If you own a piano at home, you can ask me to play a concert.
Just in your living room.
As a musical setting of a party, reception, business meeting etc.

This is also possible at a location of your own choice:
as long as there is a piano or a grand piano available.

Enough to do so with PianoTweets in 2012!
Visit the webshop “PianoTweets PLUS” for the complete range of PianoTweets.

Music Box – “The Final Touch” Series, no.20 – PianoTweet 361

A small and tiny atmosphere;
like the little music box sounded.

Memories from my childhood get awake.

Somewhere amongst my stuff and my organised chaos
there must be a small music box.

In fact, the music box is very close.
As my childhood’s atmosphere always is near…

Music Box – “The Final Touch” Series, no.20 – PianoTweet 361

Hymn for Earth – “The Final Touch” Series, no.19 – PianoTweet 360

I read what the Dutch Queen Beatrix said about our World and our Planet.
And I tried to translate the meaning of her words freely.
The result is this phrase:

“From us, as creatures with a sense and conscience,
might be expected to explore
a daily care for Planet Earth and
a deployment for a just and righteous community”.

I fully agree.

Earth is ours and we belong to the Earth.

Hymn for Earth – “The Final Touch” Series, no.19 – PianoTweet 360