CHANGES at PIANOTWEETS – PianoTweet no. 713

After more than 4 and a half years steady publishing
of composed pieces and improvisations
(at first daily, later on every odd day),
time has come to
Changes of PianoTweets’ formula.

In the near future I will focus more on
writing and playing longer pieces,
performing concerts, publishing sheet music
and other possible forms and ideas
to continue this challenging project.

However, dear listeners,
I will not leave you without
the well known regular new PianoTweets,
always inspired on small and big themes in Life.

From now on I’ll offer you
one brand new PianoTweet
once a week.
Probably it will be published on saturdays.

So you still can look forward to
piano music during your weekends.
Which can be played at any desired moment, of course.

And feel free to comment and reflect, as always.


CHANGES at PIANOTWEETS – PianoTweet no. 713

3 thoughts on “CHANGES at PIANOTWEETS – PianoTweet no. 713

  1. I am very happy for you. Starting out on new and challenging endeavors is always interesting, and sometimes they take us down a wonderful path we had not expected. I wish you every success.
    Sincerely, Dennis.

  2. Ja dat komt r van als j stopt met de Holy Smoke! Maar evengoed n goed idee. Zet me op se mail list van je concerten…

    Groeten Martien Brands Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    > Op 27 jun. 2015 om 14:23 heeft PianoTweets het volgende geschreven: > > >


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