Wondering – PianoTweet 454 (F sharp minor Series, no.4)

And always I wonder.

How things work. Not only things.
How the heart works
and how the mind works.

What’s the connection between them?
Why do I feel my heart in my mind?
And why does my mind enter my heart?

It’s all about miracles.
And miracles do make me wonder about everything.
Because a miracle it is: everything.

I have to wonder because
everything is a question without any answer.

Wondering – PianoTweet 454

How to Protect – PianoTweet 453 (F sharp minor Series, no.3)

I am an individual.

These days can be offensive for an individual.

And I want to protect myself.
And I sometimes need
a small or a big wall of energy
to keep certain influences outside.

This kind of music represents
this kind of protection.

When I create these notes in my head, in my mind, in my consciousness,
I notice and I discover my self created protection and security.

And I play these notes,
so I already do build the protection,

And while playing,
it gets stronger and stronger.

That’s how it works.
It can be simple as that.

How to Protect – PianoTweet 453 (F sharp minor Series, no.3)

High Voicing – PianoTweet 451 (F sharp minor Series, no.1)

High notes in this PianoTweet.
An optimistic sound.

Because today a New Series starts!

The F sharp minor Series.

Probably my most favorite key.
This key usually gives me most space and ways to enter.
Either minor or major way.

Follow and get along with me these ways,
wherever this key will lead us,
it will be fine.

High Voicing – PianoTweet 451 (F sharp minor Series, no.1)

Shortest Night – PianoTweet 450

We just experienced this year’s Shortest Night.

My father used to joke:
“From today we’re heading for our winter holidays again!”

But for many of us it also means a point of return.
A Midsummer Night.
A turning wheel,
with new points of view,
decisions and other strategies.

And what do I do?
What will happen to me?
I decide to live closer to the upcoming day,
enjoying every day’s new miracles.

Shortest Night – PianoTweet 450

Memory on Umbria – PianoTweet 448

Some of my listeners know
about my years in Umbria.
The Green Zone in Italy.

Some listeners might recognize a theme
from the CD “Umbria Impressioni”
that’s hidden in this piece and that I composed
during the years I lived there.

Memories from that time will never vanish,
because it was the most impressive time in my life.
the most difficult and
the most beautiful years years in my life.

Memory on Umbria – PianoTweet 448