PianoTweets Pause.

Dear listeners and followers,

PianoTweets are paused for some days, due to a problem in my left eye. The doctors advised me to keep quiet and lie down for a short while.

Will be back soon, with new music.

Enjoy life and its music!

“Consider We Would…” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 13 (PianoTweet no. 629)

… for example,
use less electric light,
consume less water,
drive less with our cars,
eat less meat and fish,
take one more deep breath a day,
pet every animal – when it’s searching for our attention,
put a smile on our faces at least once a day,
approach any human being without any judgment,
study a sunrise or a sunset – as soon as we discover it’s there:

can we in any way, at any level,
what will happen then to us?
To Our Planet?

“Consider We Would…” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 13 (PianoTweet no. 629)

“Fragile Planet” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 12 (PianoTweet no. 628)

Astronauts travelling in space.
describe our planet Earth as “fragile”.

There’s sufficient and scientific evidence
that these days’s climate changes
never before occured so profound.

And it’s clear that the human race
causes these irreversible changes.

Let’s use our senses, our evolutional power,
all inventions, intellectual insights and
last but not least, our creativity,
to support and save life here on Our Earth.

“Fragile Planet” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 11 (PianoTweet no. 628)

“Take Care” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 11 (PianoTweet no. 627)

Take care for your home,
your beloved ones,
your environment,
your climate.

The air that you breathe is precious.
The love that you feel is a gift.
Your home is probably meant to be your palace.

We don’t know where it all started.
We don’t have the faintest idea where we come from.

Is it really that important?

Maybe it makes no sense to know that.
The only thing we have to do is to take care.

“Take Care” – “Our Climate Series”, no. 11


“Existential Thought” – “Our Climate Series”, no. 10 (PianoTweet no. 626)

When thinking about Our Climate and
the way we experience its dramatic changes,
revealed every day again,
I know one thing for sure.

I am an important part of Our Climate’s Changes.

The only way to a real, healthy change is
how I change my way of life:
how I change my behaviour
in using energy, water, earth.

My small steps will be deciding for the way
how we’re gonna face and dealing with
the upcoming changes
of our existence.

“Existential Thought” – “Our Climate Series”, no. 10

“Safe and Alive” – “Our Climate Series”, no. 9 (PianoTweet no. 625)

Although I feel very concerned about the climate changes,
I offer you this romantic piece.

With open questions and hidden irregularities inside,
this music expresses my hope.

Hope gives power to our will
to change all circumstances needed,
to keep our climate safe and alive.

“Safe and Alive” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 9