Love Yourself – PianoTweet 463 (F sharp minor Series, no.13)

Talking with a friend,
one of the conclusions was about
to worship yourself,
to love yourself,
to take care and caress yourself.

Probably one the most underestimated needs
in someones life.

Many of us didn’t learn that too well.
Still not that easy to learn these days.

It has to do with patience and empathy.
Tools of great importance,
tools that are the key to resolve
all small and big problems
in our lives:
in our whole world.

Love Yourself – PianoTweet 463

Light Points – PianoTweet 462 (F sharp minor Series, no.12)

Some days can be really easy.

I look in a certain direction and
in a split second the road is revelated.
The lights are pointing and
it’s easy to follow the lights.

At that moment it has become clear.
Where energy comes from;
where it floats to.

That kind of moments hide a stunning simplicity
and therefore are extremely powerful.

Simple things appear to be powerful
just because of their simplicity.

Light Points – PianoTweet 462

Chat and Tweet – PianoTweet 461 (F sharp minor Series, no.11)

When playing and recording PianoTweets,
I think of how it began…

It’s all about communication, in real life and on the internet.

Chat with my piano, chat with the audience,
either analog or digital.

That’s the basics of making PianoTweets.

Very simple and effective.
A piece of music.
Some lines of text.

How easy would you like it?

Chat and Tweet – PianoTweet 461

Anniversary – PianoTweet 460 (F sharp minor Series, no. 10)

Today’s PianoTweet is dedicated to my dear friend Marja.

She’s a jubilee from July the 8th 2011.
She then started to write her blog.
And after a while after that start
she became my creative partner.

We invented, put together, composed, wrote and performed!

She works and works:
meanwhile she’s discovering and developing her talents:
writing, blogging, quoting, meeting people and singing…

Since yesterday she wants to learn how to play the piano!
Just after touching one or two keys.

Let me recommend her work.
She deserves it.
I admire it.

Read her (Dutch) writings at

Or maybe you like to follow her on Twitter:

Here’s the music for Marja’s Creative Anniversary!

Anniversary – PianoTweet 460

Points of View – PianoTweet 459 (F sharp minor Series, no. 9)

Whenever an opinion comes into my mind,
in a split second I have to decide if it’s the right opinion.
And of course I don’t know whatever is right.
I will never know what’s right.

In this split second I have the possibility to change my mind.
And discover that another opinion could be as useful as the first one.

That’s why this music consists of two parts.
And why these two parts seem so similar.

Just a small move to the left or to the right
might change the opinion.
Because from then
all is viewed from
another point of view,
another perspective.

Again I feel a wish coming up:
if We All
could move a step away
from our first position,
it could change the world
to a healing point of view.

Keep our world alive
by practising
and move just one step.

Points of View – PianoTweet 459 (F sharp minor Series, no. 9)

Chords Exercise – PianoTweet 458 (F sharp minor Series, no.8)

Today’s music is more of an exercise,
than a very poetic piece.

I play a rather big deal of exercises,
but they rarely are published here on this creative blog.

Nevertheless, studies and experiments have to be made.

It’s like looking and feeling around,
searching for
another road,
another direction.

Chords Exercise – PianoTweet 458 (F sharp minor Series, no.8)

Atmosphere – PianoTweet 457 (F sharp minor Series, no.7)

For everyone.
As always.

Like the Atmosphere always is there for Us all.

With the freedom to breathe,
and let go again.

The freedom to sigh,
to cry, to laugh.
Or just a slipping little smile.

To dream our dreams.
Or just fill our minds with silent emptiness.

With a knowing conviction that
the Atmosphere is a luxurous gift
to all of us.

Atmosphere – PianoTweet 457 (F sharp minor Series, no.7)