Some Time (“Sono Dio” Series, no.8 ) – PianoTweet 120

Some time.
There is Time.
Time is a Dimension that man invented.

So they say.

Does that mean there could be no Time?
Because it’s an invention?
What’s happening?

Time goes faster or slower.
But everything goes on and on.

Oh please, hold on for a moment!
Let me feel how it is:
No Time.

Some Time (“Sono Dio” Series, no.8 ) – PianoTweet 120

Voices from Far (“Sono Dio” Series, no.7) – PianoTweet 119

Lately I have a feeling of contact.
I really don’t have the faintest idea with whom or with what.

There are new rays of energy I wasn’t aware of.
Like a new wave.
It feels like voices you can’t hear.

Ow, don’t worry! I’m not getting mad…
Not even superstitious, nor slightly fanatical.
My urge is only to translate it on the piano.
When trying to transform it into music,
it’s a strange and exciting sensation.

Because at the same time
there’s no more tradition,
no more usual structure.
Just notes, lose or tied together.

It’s a start to something new:
A new Dialogue.

Voices from Far (“Sono Dio” Series, no.7) – PianoTweet 119 (non flash)

View on Earth (“Sono Dio” Series, no.6) – PianoTweet 118

On my computer’s desktop
there’s that famous picture of
Planet Earth.
Taken by an astronaut.
You probably know it.

It’s our Place.
It’s a Jewel that no man or woman could have invented.
It’s an invention.
Of intelligence and love.
And these two are present in us all.

When I look at that picture
I always feel a kind of a tear.
A tear for Joy.
As if we all – me too – have taken part in creating it.

View on Earth (“Sono Dio” Series, no.6) – PianoTweet 118 (non-flash)

Planet Earth

The Idealist (“Sono Dio” Series, no.5) – PianoTweet 117

The Idealist in me is The Dreamer,
wishing all that seems impossible.

Food for everyone.
Enough to drink for everyone.
Peace everywhere.
An end on all suffering.
The ability to fly.
Travelling to Saturn in just 5 minutes.
The Perfect Love.
Being completely happy all day.
My music, your music in every corner of the Universe.
The soul as an eternal entity.

I believe
all imagines in our minds
all fantasies
all we ever wish
can be reality
It could exist
Beyond all the dimensions.

If I believe this,
there must be a possibility.

It’s great to be an Idealist.

The Idealist (“Sono Dio” Series, no.5) – PianoTweet 117 (non-flash)

Serious Thinking (“Sono Dio” Series, no.4) – PianoTweet 116

I am a serious person (thinking pause).

My partner and my friends sometimes say I am too serious (thinking pause).

But I can be very light, humorous and ironic too (thinking pause).

I must admit that I get serious more and more (thinking pause).

Because I’m worried about how things go for us all (thinking pause).

I hope a solution is near for mankind (thinking pause).

We need to save our world, to save eachother (thinking pause).

Now it’s time to meditate, to let go and find peace (meditation pause).

Now there’s a moment to stop thinking for a while (pause).

Serious Thinking (“Sono Dio” Series no.4) – PianoTweet 116 (non-flash)

The need of Joy (“Sono Dio” Series, no.3) – PianoTweet 115


It’s like water, food, light, night and day, sleep…
Needed by the human body to survive.

The human spirit lives in the human body, tight and tied together;
one can not exist without the other.

Joy always has to be on the human menu.
Joy is food for our souls.
No Grief without Joy.
Joy is needed to get wise, needed to grow.
Joy is like fuel for the human engine.

Let’s celebrate Joy this Day!

The need of Joy (“Sono Dio” Series, no.3) – PianoTweet 115 (non-flash)

Little Easter Sleep (“Sono Dio” Series, no.2) – PianoTweet 114

In our “Western Civilisation” most people are busy people.
Work, family, business, traffic, tons of information:
our days are full days.
For many of us it means less opportunities to rest.

With the music of PianoTweets you can take a little pause, a small break.
For a moment no pressure, no needs, just listen and breathe….

The Easter Days can make you consider to relax more in life.
Take more moments off, no more rush hours for a while.

This 2nd piece in the “Sono Dio” Series can help you
to realise what’s the meaning of this Series’ title “I am God”.

You can be God, your own God.

Finally some musical information before you close your eyes for half a minute:
This PianoTweet is written in G major,
the next key after yesterday’s C major piece.
Soon I’ll explain more about the key system of this brand new Series.


(“Sono Dio” Series no.2) – PianoTweet 114 (non flash version)