The Unknown – PianoTweet no. 43 (Replay)

Musicians amongst us know about are bars, beats, counts, intervals, chords…
Improvising all the way leads me,
makes me walking on a path whose end I don’t know.

Besides that, I like to invent musical experiments.
Not counting, not caring about bars and beats.
Caring about chords and harmonies: Yes, of course!

That’s why I’m so in love with my piano.
My piano leads me into The Unknown.
Invites me to walk the Unknown Ways.

And still, in this piece, I took care of a kind of rhythm, a soft swing.
And I took care of the intervals, the chords, all single notes…

But first of all, while playing, I didn’t mind.
How this piece should be,
How it should end.

That’s the fascination of the Unkown PianoTweet…

The Unknown – PianoTweet no. 43

Little Diamond – PianoTweet no. 42 (Replay)

(text below written on Febr. 11th 2011)

A diamond is famous for its lightning power.
It’s a very strong, sparkling stone.

A beam of Light shining into a diamond creates
new beams pointing out of that same diamond.
New beams spread and throw
their given light into new directions.

Since the first day of this year I often do feel like a diamond.
Beautiful people let their light shine on me.
And then I feel beams coming out of me.
I want to share my light,
my new beams, with new people.

Listeners to PianoTweets send me back
the beams from their Diamonds.
They let me shine more and more.

And the beams never were so strong.

Little Diamond – PianoTweet no. 42

Does it Really matter? – PianoTweet no. 40 (Replay)

(text below written on Febr. 9th 2011)

It doesn’t really matter what happened in my life.
I can’t change the Past.
Of course, I can OBSERVE the past.
Look at it, embrace it, dislike it: no matter what happened.

And what about the Future?
Yes, I can build my future.
I can fill the upcoming days with dreams, plans and ideas.
What kinda work shall I do,
who shall I meet,
who will I lose,
how is my life going to be?
What’s going to happen here?
And there…?

But does it Really matter?
If I do not live in now?
Because that’s where it all starts: now!

The rest doesn’t really matter.
Or does it…?

Does it Really matter? – PianoTweet no. 40

Simple Beauty – PianoTweet no. 36 (Replay)

I love using my senses:
the ability to hear, to watch, to smell, to taste and to feel.
What a treasure of capacities
we have as human beings…

(Didn’t we have six senses?
Probably the 6th sense is the most important,
the one that’s explored and maintained by the Unconsciousness).

Back to the 5 well known senses,
that feed both our
Consciousness and Unconsciousness.

To observe is the action:
our brains filter, followed by a possible process of storage.
Continuing my exercise in philosophy:
To observe everything
in complete simplicity
causes a deep experience of
the Beauty of all.

The Beauty of all details, of all widespread panoramas,
of all endless small and endless big systems around us.

Maybe this exercise can be as simple as this PianoTweet.
Which is played in A minor.

Read between the lines and listen between the notes.

Simple Beauty – PianoTweet no.36

Off Day – PianoTweet no. 35 (Replay)

We all know those days
that our brains seem like sirup, like thick, dark oil.
It’s as if we didn’t really wake up and
remain a sort of medium asleep, medium awake.

Not because of some dramatic fact,
neither some terrible accident,
nor too many drinks or
any other disastrous historical happening.

It just doesn’t match: feelings, brains, body.

A little while ago I improvised this piece.
During an off day.
No real melody,
no clear intro or ending,
no developing lines.

I could’ve called it “Off Piece” as well…
The A major key fits very well to this state of mind.
It’s easy to let it sound bored, without a clear identity.

Nevertheless, enjoy!

Off Day – PianoTweet no. 35 (Replay)