Demanding – PianoTweet 381

We know it all.
Asking ourselves questions.

Am I doing right?
Am I choosing the right way?
Where am I?
What’s next?
What’s the meaning of the Past?
Where am I NOW?

Desperately seeking.
What’s my Value, being the way I am?

Actually these Demanding efforts have
a meaning, an answer that’s known as

That’s why the rhythm of this piece is constant and floating.
Always with a surface that speaks of the Demands.

Demanding – PianoTweet 381

(Original version’s length: 3 min 20 secs).

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Aurora Borealis – PianoTweet 379

Aurora Borealis
The Northern Light.
One of the most beautiful poems of light here on Earth.

Some days ago it was present at the sky
above our zone and it could have been visible.
But here – in the Netherlands – there was no possibility to see it.
Clouds didn’t leave a free way for this fascinating light in our zone.

When I see Aurora Borealis on pictures,
it’s like a promise to us.
A promise that disappears behind clouds.
Like many promises.

The promise is that it’s always there.
Behind every cloud there’s not only the Sun.
But Aurora Borealis as well.

Aurora Borealis – PianoTweet 379

(Original version’s length: 2 mins).

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Left Handed Poem – PianoTweet 378

I like to change perspectives.
Another angle of view gives another sensation,
new feelings, new thoughts, maybe even other behaviour.

For a pianist it’s always great to shift hands functions.

In many compositions the melody is played with the right hand,
while the accompaniment is cared for by the left hand.

When shifting these functions I feel as if
I discover new angles in listening,
feeling different perspectives.

Like an evolution,
experienced from all angles and perspectives.
It challenges the senses.

Left Handed Poem – PianoTweet 378

(Original version’s length: 1 min 48 secs).

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Chords and Heaven – PianoTweet 377

As you can understand, I have to exercise a good deal.

More than often I combine my exercises with
new, last say, tryout playings.

Today it’s up to a chord study again.
While playing and putting chords together,
my thoughts start travelling again,
images come and go,
feelings pass and shift…

And I feel in Heaven again for some time.

Chords and Heaven – PianoTweet 377

Winter Flower – PianoTweet 376

Some Flowers grow in Winter.

It seems too early.
Or too late.
Simply said: out of season.

But as usual, I start doubting again about a simple saying.

Who says it’s out of season?
Isn’t nature always in time?
Isn’t everything in nature an example for us humans?

There’s a message in everything.
Especially when
Flowers open themselves in Winter.

Winter Flower – PianoTweet 376

Moment of Rest – PianoTweet 375

We all need it.
Our mind, spirit and body.

That tiny little Moment.
Just a breath now and then.

From the start one of PianoTweets’ missions is
to offer some help in creating such a Moment.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Maybe even better without some music?
Then make it a double moment of rest.
Turn on the music, listen to it for a small moment

Pause, pause…

Moment of Rest – PianoTweet 375

(Original’s length: 1 min 13 secs)