Points of View – PianoTweet 459 (F sharp minor Series, no. 9)

Whenever an opinion comes into my mind,
in a split second I have to decide if it’s the right opinion.
And of course I don’t know whatever is right.
I will never know what’s right.

In this split second I have the possibility to change my mind.
And discover that another opinion could be as useful as the first one.

That’s why this music consists of two parts.
And why these two parts seem so similar.

Just a small move to the left or to the right
might change the opinion.
Because from then
all is viewed from
another point of view,
another perspective.

Again I feel a wish coming up:
if We All
could move a step away
from our first position,
it could change the world
to a healing point of view.

Keep our world alive
by practising
and move just one step.

Points of View – PianoTweet 459 (F sharp minor Series, no. 9)