Winter’s End – PianoTweet 396

When frost has gone

When snowflakes vanish for the sun

When days get more time to send their light

When birds start chanting in early mornings

When my heart feels a new spring in its veins

When people start smiling more

When the air changes its smells

I know another cold Winter has come to its End

I love Winter

Part of the Carousel of the Seasons

Winter’s End – PianoTweet 396

(Original’s length: 1 min 38 secs)

That Small Dream – PianoTweet 395

In a small moment, right before daybreak,
small dreams wake up.

They talk,
they show,
they can touch
ones heart very deeply.

Often about deepest, hidden wishes about
what happened or what might happen.

Or they create fabulous revelations,
strong visions and clear answers.

If you might want to catch such a small dream,
get a paper and a pencil,
and write down the messages, the views, the atmospheres.

They were delivered by
the contents of the subconscious mind;
and therefore present
a tremendous helpful value
in daily life.

That Small Dream – PianoTweet 395

Short Life – PianoTweet 394

The day after the news about an accident.
About the consequences of that accident.
An accident that happened to Johan Friso,
a prince of the royal family of the Netherlands.

He is a young man, in his forties.
After the accident he’s comatose.
He’s alive.
But practically it means he’s not taking part of the human daily life.

Beyond the dramatic and sorrowful changes for him and his beloved ones,
it struck me again:
how short and fragile life is.

It’s impossible to realize this fact every moment of the day.
But should we live in a different way
if we realized this more than we generally do?

Short Life – PianoTweet 394

Grief about Violence – PianoTweet 393

In fact I could express Grief about Violence every day.

Because of human’s greed that causes violence.
Whether it’s about
power or fanatism,
primitivity or
anything more of that kind.

These days there’s a lot of news about the cruelties in Syria.
And it happens everywhere in our World, unfortunately.

I wish I will be there and present
when the day comes
there’s no Violence anymore.

Grief about Violence – PianoTweet 393

(original’s length: 1 min 20 secs)

The Basic Ears – PianoTweet 392

When playing these notes
I have the feeling to return
to the Basics.

To return to the matters that really have something to say.

I want to be present when the inputs arrive,
the inputs that encourage, energize and feed my Basics.

I could cry out for these Basics
into a World that gets deaf.

Let’s get this World to open up the Ears and the Eyes.

Maybe the Ears are the most valuable Sense.
For me they’re the Basics.

The Basic Ears – PianoTweet 392

Networking – PianoTweet 390

I enjoyed a very pleasant and interesting day,
together with people full of positivity and healthy power.

For sure, it was a great stimulus,
during my search for empowerment and further inspiration.

I was given the opportunity to tell and reflect
about my passion for what PianoTweets mean to me.
Learning a lot by networking and sharing.

Special thanks to my dear friends from RaVisie for this opportunity.
I am grateful!

Networking – PianoTweet 390