Many Years Ago – PianoTweet 211 (extended)

Reflection time.

Thinking, talking and writing about
childhood, youth and later.

Parents’s choice often is their children’s duty and path.
My choices could wait until I was a grown up.

I was taught about the importance of forgiving anyone else.
So I chose to let my choices wait.

And I waited for others to make their choices.
So again, I kept my own choices in custody.

That was years ago.

Then the Time arrived I learnt to choose:
unchained, free, passionate, driven by my natural energy.
That Time wasn’t that long ago.

Many Years Ago – PianoTweet 211 (extended)

PianoTweets Concert “Live!” 25th September

Superficial… or not? – PianoTweet 210

Things are not the way we see, hear, or feel them.
There’s too much in between we aren’t aware of.

It’s so easy to judge in a split second.
And then transfer it into a conviction.

There’s a tendency – even more than that –
to base a quick opinion
immediately after reading or hearing for example a news item!
Or after listening to a neighbour’s story in the street…

Shouldn’t we be far more careful?
Could it better not to judge at all?
And face the fact that superficiality in fact doesn’t exist?

Is this a superficial melody?

Superficial… or not? – PianoTweet 210

About PianoTweets in Concert “Live”!

PianoTweets Concert Live!

Beleef de muziek die je kent van Twitter!

Een PianoTweets middagconcert door Joost Brands

Met woordelijke omlijsting door
schrijver Marja Willems en
dichter/spoken word performer Deborah Meeder

• Wanneer: Zondag 25 September van 14.00 uur tot ca. 16.00 uur
• Locatie: Parnassos – het Cultuurcentrum van de Universiteit Utrecht, Kruisstraat 201, 3581 GK Utrecht
• Entree: € 12,50

Reserveer een kaart middels een mail aan

Experience the music you know from Twitter!

PianoTweets concert by Joost Brands

Accompanied by
writer Marja Willems and
poet/spoken word performer Deborah Meeder

• When: Sunday 25th of September at 1.00 pm
• Location: Parnassos – Cultural Centre at the University of Utrecht, Kruisstraat 201, 3581 GK Utrecht
• Price: € 12,50

Book a reservation by sending an email to:

An Open End – PianoTweet 209

Just a melody for summer’s sake…

Simple, romantic, open…

Make your own fantasy today, your own images…

The end of the musical phrase of this PianoTweet is
what musicians sometimes mention as
an open end…
Facing what’s coming up,
meanwhile you’re dreaming away…

Enjoy this new PianoTweet!

An Open End – PianoTweet 209



PianoTweets in Concert “Live”!

Tribute to Amy – PianoTweet 208

Inspired by the sudden death of Amy Winehouse.

She was an amazing and very gifted artist.
She renewed and mixed styles of music in a very intelligent and soulful way.
With a stunning beautiful voice that deeply touched many of us.

I wish I had known her.

For this PianoTweet I “loaned” a phrase from one of her most famous songs:
“You know I’m no good”.
I do not very much agree with the title.

Thanks, Amy!

Tribute to Amy – PianoTweet 208

Music plus News – PianoTweet 207

This music makes me feel happy!
Ok, I must admit that the last chords are a bit heavy.
Please, forgive me… 🙂

And now for the News:
September 25th: PianoTweets in Concert!
Live performance in my hometown Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Featuring two fabulous poetrists / spoken word performers:
Deborah and Marja.

I invited them to perform during the concert and they agreed.
And I feel very honored that they will be there and
share their work with me and the audience.

Stay tuned for more details about the artists and the program.

Music plus News – PianoTweet 207