Way to Go – PianoTweet #28

One of my dearest friends lately sent me a message,
maybe the next day after I started this project PianoTweets, the 1st of January.

She wrote (yes, it’s a SHE): “Wow!”
A little while after that a second message arrived: “Way to Go!”.

At first I didn’t understand the meaning of that expression.
I thought: “Ow, help, that means there’s an awful lot to do, I’m not gonna make it, it’s gonna be a heavy job…!”.
Well, I must admit, in some way she was a little bit right. There’s a lot to do 🙂

But that is NOT what she meant, it’s not what the expression means.
She meant to say: “Ok! There’s a great and beautiful way to go! This is a huge chance!”.

And that’s what it is.
Realizing this project isn’t an easy job, but it’s the most free, joyful and satisfying thing I ever invented to do.

And I’m happy with the growing number of fans of this project: they all listen and reflect and react and support.
To you ALL I want to write this: @PianoTweets is WAY to GO!

Playing this piece (in E flat major, but the notes only touch that chord at the end…) I felt this energy, this “push” to go on and on.
The open chords combined in a fast sequence illustrate the rolling power that’s beyond…

Enjoy this Way to Go @PianoTweets!

Way to Go – PianoTweet #28 (iPhone link)


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