Pensieroso – PianoTweet #26

I’ll tell you a part of my thoughts: being thoughtful – “pensieroso”…
The reason to name this track in Italian is simple. I lived there for almost three years. It was very moving and impressive.

Probably, Italian is the most beautiful language in the world. Italy probably is the most beautiful country in Europe. So they say.
It’s a complicated country. People aren’t simple over there. They are beautiful, like all people. They are difficult, too.

While composing this piece, my thoughts were in Italy. And thoughts give appearance, give “body” to feelings. Or is it the opposite way?

Probably, you, my listeners are gonna hear more of my musical thoughts in Italian, here at PianoTweets.

There’s melancholy, theatre, optimism, passion, anger, frustration, adoration, joy, history, music.
Thoughts are like human beings. Reflective. Constructive. Creative.
You name it. I played it.

Enjoy this thinking track of @PianoTweets!

Pensieroso – PianoTweet #26 (iPhone link)


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