City Walk – PianoTweet #24 (35 secs)

The original was written in may last year,
and taken from the album “Life’s Thumbnails”.

It’s inspired on peoples movements in the shopping centre of the city.
Illustrating the vast and cloudy crowds: slowly, almost lazy moving, walking, talking, watching, eating, drinking, puzzling.
Puzzling on what piece of material is next to be taken, to be consumed, to have.

I observe the crowds, instead of watching into the shops, wondering when they get tired. At the same time, it’s lively, cosy, full of energy and social engagement.

In this piece, written in E flat major, I use rather insisting some of my favorite intervals: the minor and major 2nd. Two notes very near to each other, resulting in those typical tight chords.

After some theoretical words:

Enjoy this new week’s @PianoTweets!

City Walk PianoTweet #24 (iPhone link)

Weekend Dream, part 2 – PianoTweet #23

And the Dreaming goes on… and on…

Please, let me Dream..! Coz’ it gives me Power, the Power to create, to wake up the Sources, it makes me Fly…!

And what’s the buzz about the weekend? Can’t we dream all day, all week, all year?
Our dreams are our engine, our fuel, our navigation source…
Let Me dream!
Let Me dream of Paradise!
Let me dream of the Stars I gonna visit!
Let me dream of the Eternal I gonna meet one day…
And in the meantime, while Dreaming:

Enjoy and Keep on Dreaming…! With @PianoTweets!

Weekend Dream, part 2 – PianoTweet #23 (iPhone link)

Weekend Dream, part 1 – PianoTweet #22

Sometimes I read about people’s dreams in my timeline.
For me as a human being, Dreaming is one of the most beautiful and intense actions of the brain.

It happens that I dream of orange bombs with long and misty tails, falling from a clear and deep blue sky. Almost once in a month my dream is the most wonderful thing I know: my arms function like real wings!
I fly anywhere I want to fly to, high above woods and fields, cities and houses and… it’s so easy! Of course I’ve had my bad dreams too, dear listeners.

In real lifetime, when awake, I dream a lot too. Light ones and heavy ones. It’s all happening in my brains. And it causes always deep feelings.

So, this weekend, it’s Dream Weekend. Today you hear a bit of my dreams: part 1. Tomorrow it’s up to part 2. There are more parts to come….

Enjoy, dreaming with @PianoTweets!

Weekend Dream, part 1 – PianoTweet #22 (iPhone link)

#FF 2 EveryOne – PianoTweet #21

Just simply as the key of this piece is, C Major. No flats nor sharps. Just the basic one, the first one, the strongest.
During my stay in Italy I performed this piece in many variations. As a “pianobar” piano player. Especially in a grand hotel, when I played during sunday morning’s breakfast. Big deal.

I want every follower of this great and continuing project to enjoy a good Friday; even a better Friday!

Because getting up early and starting your day with a #PianoTweet; there’s nothing like that…

Enjoy, All Day Long @PianoTweets

#FF 2 Everyone – PianoTweet #21 (iPhone link)

Can You Forgive? – PianoTweet #20

Do you hear the Question?
Do you feel the Despair?
How I’m insisting?
To get rid of my Feelings of Guilt?
Take a moment, ask… and ask again.

I discovered that I sometimes really do need someone’s will to forgive me,
before I can go on with my life.
Isn’t that claiming another person?
A shift of responsibility?

The key of today’s PianoTweet is F minor,
which is parallel to A flat major, as used in PianoTweet nr 18.
It’s so near to each other:
One way, Una Via <–> Forgive me, Perdonami…

Forgive me this moment, letting me and my mind associate this way.
I feel free.
And Enjoy the music from @PianoTweets!

Can You Forgive? – PianoTweet #20 (iPhone link)

Perspectives – PianoTweet #19

One of my favorite issues and insights.
Look at a subject.
The viewing angle is decisive.
Change it, and the subject will change with it.
Like a color, changing in sunshine and changing in darkness.

The main, equal notes above a basic “murmuring”, that’s my way to interpret “Perspectives” today.
In D major.
Probably tomorrow I would do it in a different way.

Enjoy your day, starting with this piece from @PianoTweets!

Perspectives – PianoTweet #19 (iPhone link)

Una Via del Tevere – PianoTweet #18

Italy 2003.
I published my first album, called “Umbria Impressioni”.
The last track on that Cd is titled “Le Vie del Tevere”, which is italian for “The Ways of the River Tiber”, or “The Streams….”
A few years I lived nearby the Tiber, a beautiful river in Central Italy with a long history.
Many ways for a river to finally arrive in the sea.

You’ ll hear a very short variation on the main theme of the Cd track.
“Una Via” means “One Way”.
One of many ways for the whole river Tiber: so it can be a PianoTweet.

“Le Vie del Tevere” is written in A flat major.
For me a very expressive and soft sounding key, let me say, I love it!


Una Via del Tevere – PIanoTweet #18 (iPhone link)