City Walk – PianoTweet #24 (35 secs)

The original was written in may last year,
and taken from the album “Life’s Thumbnails”.

It’s inspired on peoples movements in the shopping centre of the city.
Illustrating the vast and cloudy crowds: slowly, almost lazy moving, walking, talking, watching, eating, drinking, puzzling.
Puzzling on what piece of material is next to be taken, to be consumed, to have.

I observe the crowds, instead of watching into the shops, wondering when they get tired. At the same time, it’s lively, cosy, full of energy and social engagement.

In this piece, written in E flat major, I use rather insisting some of my favorite intervals: the minor and major 2nd. Two notes very near to each other, resulting in those typical tight chords.

After some theoretical words:

Enjoy this new week’s @PianoTweets!

City Walk PianoTweet #24 (iPhone link)


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