The Rainbow Pact (extended version) – PianoTweet 176

Yesterday I got inspired by two friends – followers – listeners – fans…
How would you call them in “Social Media World”…?

One of them is a friend in real life: I call her Friend no. 1.
The other one I never met: I call her Friend no. 2.
So both are Friends, with a capital F 🙂
And yes, both are Female.

Anyway, Friend no. 2 posted on Twitter a very beautiful quote:

“De prachtige kleuren van de regenboog toveren regendruppels op mijn wangen” (original Dutch text)

“The magnificent colours of the rainbow conjure raindrops on my cheeks” (English translation by Arjan Tammer)

Written by Marja Willems.
Follow her on Twitter:  @HetDorpsmeisje
Read her blog, enjoy poetic and intelligent texts and quotes: Zichtbaar

Only a few minutes after Marja’s quote, I noticed Friend no. 1 posted two beautiful pictures.

Look at this double rainbow…

And this detail…

These gorgeous photographs were made by Ben Licher.
Follow my sweet Friend on Twitter, she deserves it: @benlicher

Both Friends inspired me to today’s extended PianoTweet.
You should follow them both.

Now it’s your turn.
Add the text, the images and the music together!

No more words needed.

The Rainbow Pact – PianoTweet 176