“Future Waltz” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 8 (PianoTweet no. 624)

In this Series
I express my concern about the climate change.

Using several subjects for my inspiration
to create this Series,
there’s hope in my heart and mind at the same time.

So, in between of all concerns and worries,
I invite myself to dance a waltz now and then.

Because we human beings simply must be capable
to interprete the changes of our climate and
to invent new ways of exploring our planet.

So it will be saved for all of us,
here and now and in future.

“Future Waltz” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 8

“To Survive” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 7 (PianoTweet no. 623)

To Survive.

It’s not only about me, or you.
It’s about us all.
And more.

It’s about the future of all generations of
people, animals, trees, plants, oceans, all living nature;
the complete biosystem that we call our Earth.

When I see a painting in the sky like the included photo of this post,
I always get filled with hope.
That we’re able to survive.
That we, human beings, are responsible for the survival of our planet.

“To Survive” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 7


“Water of Life” – “Our Climate” Series no. 6 (PianoTweet no. 622)

And besides clean air, we need clean water…
Too many people even don’t have clean water.

We desperately need to save our planet,
dear listeners and followers.

Let’s start to use as little water as possible
in our tiny, daily lives.

If we spoil the earth, the air, the water of life:
Where do we end?

“Water of Life” – “Our Climate” Series no. 6

“The Daily Miracle” – “Our Climate” Series – no. 5 (PianoTweet no. 621)

Every day again the Sun gives us light and life.

Do we really realise this tremendous miracle?
How dependent we are of this “Star”…?

Let’s keep our air and earth clean:
so we always can be witness of this miracle,
every day again.

“The Daily Miracle” – “Our Climate” Series – no. 5

"The Daily Miracle"

“Change” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 2 (PianoTweet no. 618)

The word Change is musically interpreated
by using a so-called “pedal tone”.
One tone, a bass tone in this case, is creating the base
upon which variations are taking place.

That’s how I illustrate the way our climate is changing.

The base tone is our globe and its climate
that gives us the circumstances to live.

When adding notes, the “atmosphere” changes.
Only the addition of one particular note
can change the atmosphere – the base – dramatically.

By only one note.

When more notes are added, and create these changes,
the results have more effect and are more powerful.

We should realise ourselves what it means:
to add.
At the same time: what it means to “substract”…

“Our Climate” Series, no. 2: “Change”