“Change” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 2 (PianoTweet no. 618)

The word Change is musically interpreated
by using a so-called “pedal tone”.
One tone, a bass tone in this case, is creating the base
upon which variations are taking place.

That’s how I illustrate the way our climate is changing.

The base tone is our globe and its climate
that gives us the circumstances to live.

When adding notes, the “atmosphere” changes.
Only the addition of one particular note
can change the atmosphere – the base – dramatically.

By only one note.

When more notes are added, and create these changes,
the results have more effect and are more powerful.

We should realise ourselves what it means:
to add.
At the same time: what it means to “substract”…

“Our Climate” Series, no. 2: “Change”