“Wake Up Call” – “Our Climate” Series, no. 1 (PianoTweet no. 617)

Welcome to the new PianoTweets Series:

“Our Climate”

November 2014’s PianoTweets will be dedicated to this actual theme.

It’s obvious that there’s a reason to focus on this actuality.
And it seems urgent to all of us.

Our Climate changes:
all day long we can see it, feel it, hear and read about it.
Whether we like it or not: it’s very present and very near.

A phenomena that engages me, worries me.
I got inspired to start this Series right away a few days ago,
after reading this an article (in Dutch):


I’m aware of the fact that followers and listeners
might feel “tired” of this subject.
But it’s time to ask profound questions
about the Climate.
To myself.
And to invite you to do the same.

What does this subject mean to us?
What could be so urgent about it?
What about responsiblity to our climate?

We’ll have a complete month to reflect.
Probably we need more than a month.

Let’s start with some introducing notes:
“Wake Up Call”.

“Our Climate” Series, no. 1: “Wake Up Call”