A Dear Friend – PianoTweet no. 577

I remember something
remarkable about a dear friend.

Sometimes, when he came into a room,
he joked and said with a big smile:
“SOMEONE enters the room!”.
Yes, he was quite of a “Someone”…

A lively and humorous person,
with a high level of enthusiasm,
lots of creative skills,
a warm heart.

He left this life about a week ago.

It appears that
the wheight of his life turned out
to be too heavy for him.
Unsolved problems,
unbearable memories.

I will miss You deeply,
my dear Friend.

A Dear Friend – PianoTweet no. 577

4 thoughts on “A Dear Friend – PianoTweet no. 577

  1. It is sad that we all know someone who has left this life too early and too unexpectedly. This is a beautiful piece of music. It is very appropriate for this cool rainy day in my part of Québec. Though sad, it is somehow comforting. Thank you.

  2. Dit zou hem zeker heel erg geraakt hebben…. lichtheid en rust. Hij bewonderde je zo als mens en muzikant. Dank je voor deze prachtige muzikale woorden.


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