NEW Title for “Title Needed – PianoTweet no. 544”: “Tiananmen Tears”

Dear followers and listeners,

Finally a new title that suits PianoTweet no. 544.

During the publication of that PianoTweet, called “Title Needed”,
there were passed appr. 25 years
since thousands of people raised their voices and protested at
Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

Nobody knows exactly what happened those days.
Only a few know the truth about it,
but they do not want to talk or they can’t…

It may be clear that many tears have been shed
due to the sad and horrifying historical events.

Laura Sessions Tinnel’s suggestion for a new title was
the one that touched me most and that fits best to the music.

From now on it will be: “Tiananmen Tears”.
Thank you, Laura!

Thanks to all other participants for your suggestions!

“Tiananmen Tears” – PianoTweet no. 544