Celebrate Freedom! – PianoTweet 528

Celebrate your freedom!

Many of us human beings unfortunately
do not have
freedom in existence, in behaviour, in speach, even in thinking…

I am so fortunated and privileged
to live in a free country.
So many people worked and struggled for
this freedom.

I wish to celebrate this freedom every day gratefully,
and receive it as a great gift.

Celebrate Freedom! – PianoTweet 528

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Freedom! – PianoTweet 528

  1. Beautiful text and music very well suited to it. The message has profound meaning, especially in these troubled times in Eastern Europe. Let this be a message for peace and freedom for whomever will open up their mind and their heart.

    • Through the years, Freedom has become my most important value and benefit.
      When it’s about creativity, freedom is like the engine for me.
      At the same time and “at large”, Freedom is the foundation, the base for us all.
      Thank you, Dennis, for your comment.


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