The Dove’s Sound – PianoTweet no. 522

Nearby a window of my house there’s a dove.
Almost every day it’s there.
And it sings, makes sounds.
This sound gives me, thanks to my ears,
a very special sensation.

It’s a peaceful and meditative sound
with almost fixed notes and steady rhythm.
Probably you all know the sound a dove “produces”.

I tried to simulate it on my piano.
The rhythm contains three tones:
short – long – short.

The second note, the long one, always bends down a little.
This, however, wasn’t possible to reproduce on my instrument.

Anyway: enjoy this musical trial
to transport the peace and the serenity
of the Dove’s Sound.

The Dove’s Sound – PianoTweet no. 522

photo: Ramsey van der Molen

Turkse Tortel



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