Continuity Goes ON: Dedicated to Ben Licher – PianoTweet 508 (Full Version Series, no. 8)

Today’s PianoTweet is dedicated
to one of my best and sweetest friends in life:
Ben Licher (read her blog…)
She will be in a medical operation today, all day long.
March 28th, 2014.

She’s a guide, a teacher, a light to me.
And to many other people as well.

She, together with her tremendous husband Bas Licher,
showed me another way to face life and all its facets.

Today, all day long, my thoughts,
and those of numerous other people,
are with her in these tensed hours.
This music is my energy I send to her and her husband
during this very important and significant day

There’s a continuity that goes on and on.
And that’s all about Ben:
She goes on and on,
she’s a Continuity herself.

Continuity Goes ON – PianoTweet 508 (Full Version Series, no. 8)


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