“My Father’s Blinking Eyes” – ePianoTweet no. 5

My father died
in the month of October last year.

His last smile, his blinking eyes
– like he used to send it
from the days I was a small kid –
always gave me this message:
“Stay aware of what’s beyond,
Stay awake and stay conscious”.

That’s the echo of
his eyes, his messages.

Listen carefully.
You can hear it in this music.

I trust my father’s eyes;
like my life’s guide.

Keep listening carefully:
a blinking eye tells you something,
every day again

Father’s blinking eyes – ePianoTweet no. 5

“Elevator Music” – ePianoTweet no. 4

Making this music
I imagined the ambience
inside an elevator,
situated in a big and decadent shopping center and
surrounded by rather superficial music
in the background.

After a while,
after listening a few more times,
it might occur that
this music isn’t superficial at all.

Thinking it over,
it contains a lesson for me.
It’s better for me not to judge too fast,
neither anything nor any person.

Because a quick judgement
often turns into prejudice
in a split second.
And it takes millions of seconds
to get lost of all those prejudices.

“Elevator Music” – ePianotweet no. 4