PianoTweet of the Month March 2011: “Fluttering is learning how to Fly” – PianoTweet no. 97 (replay)

Year’s End means: republishing of extended PianoTweets!

(text written on July 7th, 2011)

“Fluttering is learning how to Fly”, PianoTweet of the Month March 2011

Technically spoken and following PianoTweets’s formula, this piece is not a real PianoTweet.
Because the number of notes by far exceeds the well-known number of 140.
But, my dear listeners,
the PianoTweet of the Month always is an extended version of the original PianoTweet.

This month you choose this “Fluttering” music.
Irregular in tempo and dynamics.
Like the little, fragile wings of the young, new birds
that are born every spring.

I expressed this by the “crawling” notes.
The melody refers to the parent birds,
taking care of their baby birds,
feeding them, warning them with their alarm calls…

Close your eyes for a little while,
create this movie in your imagination and
Enjoy this PianoTweet that fits spring!

Fluttering is learning how to Fly (extended) – PianoTweet no. 97