Nature’s Echoes – PianoTweet no. 185 (replay)

(text written on July 4th, 2011)

I always look around at Nature’s Echoes.

Using a metaphore I tell you about my thoughts.

Today I looked up at and observed the leaves in a tree.
The Wind blew through the tree.
I noticed how funny and how tremendously
impressive it is
that every leaf moves it own way.

We should consider that all leaves
move in a different way
when touched by the Wind.
They even move when there’s no Wind at all.

They all grow in a different way whenever
fed by water, light and food.
They die to make place for new leaves.

I love to face every single Leaf very close.
And wonder and wonder about
the miracle.

Nature’s Echoes – PianoTweet no. 185


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