Half a Year! – PianoTweet no. 181 (replay)

(text written on June 30th, 2011)


It’s a Birthday today, more or less.
PianoTweets completed a Half Years Life.

In fact, it’s still a baby.
And to keep this little creature growing,
a lof of energy and inspiration
was needed and will be needed in future.

I’ve gone through many processes:
as a musician and as the inventor “backstage”.
When I listen to all PianoTweets, I hear a development.
This process will never stop:
nothing will ever be the same.

At the same time I discover how online working works.
In our today’s world there’s a growing greed for
news, hypes, excitement, fast, faster, more, more and more…

PianoTweets is a bit different though.
Yes, it’s rather new.

But my intention is to create an oasis for everyone.
A stable factor in life.
With harmonious, friendly and thoughtful music and text.

Half a Year! – PianoTweet no. 181