One of my Favorites – PianoTweet no. 172 (replay)

(text written on June 21th, 2011)

Touching a piano or keyboard is all about movements.
Either physical or psychic…
When playing, I know I have some favorite movements
in my fingers, my wrists and arms.
They feel familiar and natural.
And I love the harmonic consequences of those particular movements.

Probably you heard me playing this one before.
At least a variation.
And at least when you’ve been listening PianoTweets for a while…

This way of moving suits to some keys and chords, not to all.

Today’s key is A major.
I start loving the harmonics of this key more and more;
The softness and positivity versus the challenging power is gorgeous.

More and more a favorite key.
After thinking on this phrase for a while,
I must admit that almost all keys are my Favorite 🙂

One of my Favorites – PianoTweet no. 172