Longing – PianoTweet no. 475 (Faziolian Summer Series no.10, replay)

(text written on August 9th, 2012)


A subject that could be a subject for a PianoTweet everyday.
Underneath and beyond all human behaviour
the intention to be good, to look beautiful and to feel happy.

And like a mirror, the world’s looking at us.

Why don’t we consider our world with only one goal:
to keep our world and ourselves in shape, healthy and happy.

It feels as a rather easy task:
a clean sky, some quiet and harmonic music,
maybe even a complete silence,
peace in our hearts.

I’ll keep this forever in my heart and
I will continue to reach out this longing.

Longing – PianoTweet (Faziolian Summer Series, no.10)