Spring Ballad – PianoTweet no. 166 (replay)

A good friend said to me today:
“Your compositions somehow are the contrary of your personality”.
He is right – until a certain level.

My personality in daily life is light and almost childish.
I enjoy many things like a child.

The internal reflection is far more melancholic.
Because my music is strongly influenced by
what I see and feel “at large”.
Long term visions, a broad horizon.

The music I compose “feels” very ancient for me,
from a period long ago
that was quiet, thoughtful, understanding, very profound.

The Times
we’re living in nowadays
are not like that.

You, listener, have to accept my music how it is.
I’m strongly aware of that fact.
Like in real life.
Take things in whatever shape they come to you.

And feel how Spring can be experienced as well.

Spring Ballad – PianoTweet no. 166


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