Angelo’s Story – PianoTweet no. 163 (replay)

My first friend in Umbria was Angelo Trippini, an 81 year old man.

When we first met and talked to eachother,
he thought I was a German tourist.
Because of the sign of my car…
He was relieved as soon as he understood I was a Dutchman.

I felt completely happy and safe with him.
He behaved like a father to me;
I felt like his little boy.

His story moved me deeply.
During the 2nd World War he was deported into Germany:
he had to work in a Nazi factory that produced arms.
He suffered a lot over there, but he talked about it quietly .

He seemed to have forgiven the Nazis everything.
He had forgiven everybody.

The most beautiful characteristic a person can have is
the ability to feel no hatred at all and
no anger to anyone or anything at all.

That’s how Angelo is.

If only mankind could be like Angelo,
our world should be perfect.

Angelo’s Story – PianoTweet no. 163