Hidden Love – PianoTweet no. 155 (replay)

(text written on June 4th, 2011)

Don’t know why,
but one of these days
my thoughts suddenly went back
into a strong memory from the past.

During my adolesence
I was desperately in love
with a girl in my class.
But she nearly didn’t notice me.
Yes, she behaved a kind of polite and civilised to me,
but keeping a distance that made me cry so often…

Finally, after all, I got myself together:
I asked her to go skating with me.
I was so surprised!
She said yes and we enjoyed a nice couple of hours.

But I kept my feelings hidden,
I didn’t have the courage to speak out.

And life went on;
what happened that night
took a nice place in my Memory…

Hidden Love – PianoTweet no. 155