Reality in Dreams – PianoTweet no. 149 (replay)

Just wanted to tell that I often have
those high reality dreams.

When I wake up, it is as if it all really happened.

Then it turns around:
the state of being awake seems to be the dreaming state.
I feel unreal for minutes,  but in fact I am awake.

In my dreams I travel a lot in a very real way.
Trains, cities, talking people, walking around in houses.
All in full color, stereo sound and 3D.
Situations from the past and situations that only can be found in future.

And do you know the looped dream?
the dream in a dream, you dream that you dream…
Another variation:
that you can’t get awake when being in such a looped dream?

What’s your dream in Real Life?
A Loop?
Dreams in Reality?

I have only a few dreams, existing together in one Big Real Dream:
To feel completely free, quiet and peaceful.

Reality in Dreams – PianoTweet 149


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