Crossroads – PianoTweet no. 147 (replay)

(text written on May 27th, 2011)

I do not really know why I chose this title to this music.
It fits, that’s for sure.
I felt that “state of mind” right before I started to play this…

A crossroad can create moments of real awareness and consciousness.

We have to choose what direction we want to go.

For ourselves individually, of course.
But – probably even more important –
where do we want to go all together?
Does it make sense to live “normally”, on and on?

The secret is (according my honest opinion) that
every choice we make for our own sake,
creates consequences for us all together.

So, when a crossroad approaches,
let’s take care and live in a conscious way…

Crossroads – PianoTweet 147